09 January 2009

A new calendar for the new year

One of my friends in the free market money industry has formed a company in Hong Kong called Software Moderna, HK. The company markets software, and their first offering came out just at the end of 2008.

It is called Tidycal. You can read more about it by visiting their site at tidycal.com or follow this link.

Tidycal is designer software, so it does things the designers thought were cool. You can zoom in or out on your calendar. Move items around. Network your calendar with others in your family or company. You can find the number of days or weeks between events using the tape measure feature. If someone moves an event on one networked calendar, the event moves on the other calendars, as well. No subscription fees for networking, either.

A number of other exciting software products are anticipated for this company. As they come to market, I'll blog about them occasionally here.

Meanwhile, if you have a web site or an e-mail list, you might like the referral system. Every time someone buys a copy of the software from your referral link, you get something on the order of $8.75. I'm told the fees vary by location and nearly everything else Clickbank can think of.

Prior to working with Software Moderna, I hadn't heard of Clickbank. It was easy to sign up our non-profit group for an account with them. As with all things on the Internet (or reticulum, as in Neal Stephenson's latest novel Anathem) opinions vary widely about Clickbank. My plan is to keep up to date with them, and post information here as it arises.


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