26 July 2006

Fighting the Federal Reserve one ounce of gold at a time

Dear Friends,

Vertoro is about taking you from green to gold. That is, from the stinking, deadly fiat paper money that is destined to hyperinflate into meaningless to the gold and silver coins which form the backbone of global trade among decent people.

Friedrich Hayek in 1976 wrote that to save civilization we have to organize a Free Market Money movement, similar to the free trade movement of the 19th Century. As long as the issue power of money is in the hands of government, we won't be able to survive. Free enterprise will be destroyed by the looters and replaced with a command economy. How? By destroying the meaning of every contract - by destroying the meaning of the term "dollar."

Since 1965, everyone has known that the dollar isn't worthy. It no longer has any gold or silver involved in it. It is simply a promise. A promise to pay you nothing, backed by nothing, with the full faith and credit of politicians whose promises mean nothing.

For all that the dollar is an "I owe you nothing," as Doug Casey of Casey Research notes, it is slightly better than the European Union euro, which is a "who owes you nothing"!


Free Market Money